8 Emergency Items to Keep in Your Car

jumper cables useful in car emergencies such as having a dead battery

What emergency items should you keep in your car? There are some things most drivers tend to keep in our cars, like the owner’s manual or insurance cards.

But what if an emergency happens? Will you be prepared? Even if you have the number for a Shenandoah roadside repair at the ready, there are still a few emergency items to keep in your car.

1 – A first aid kit

A good first aid kit should include several different sizes of band-aids, gauze, antibiotic cream, cotton swabs, allergy medication, hand sanitizer and over-the-counter pain meds. You may also want to include a thermometer, any medication you and your loved ones need, a heating pad and battery-powered radio.

A pair of disposable gloves might also be a good idea, in case you need to treat someone else’s injury.

2 – A flashlight

In a pinch, your cellphone can work as a light source — it may even have its own flashlight. But it’s a good idea to preserve your battery during emergencies.

That’s why you should keep a heavy-duty, waterproof flashlight — and extra-batteries — in the car to light your way during nighttime emergencies.

3 – Water

It could be a jug in the trunk or a case of plastic bottles from the supermarket. Either way, it’s a good idea to keep water in your car. Not only will it prevent dehydration, you can use water for cleaning or to add water to an overheated radiator.

4 – Snacks

Having snacks in your car can keep your stomach from growing as you wait for your Shenandoah roadside repair driver to show up.

But it’s also important to stay nourished in an emergency. Go with food that will keep without refrigeration, such as nuts, granola bars or dried fruit.

5 – Keeping warm

Having warm clothing and blankets in your car can be a literal lifesaver if you’re stranded during cold weather without a functioning heater. It can be one of the most important emergency items to keep in your car. If you live in a place with really cold winters, having a fleece blanket in your car can be invaluable.

6 – A spare tire

Every driver should have a spare tire, and the tools — a jack, wrench or tire iron — to fix it. But if you’ve never changed a tire before and feel uncertain, there’s no shame in calling your local Shenandoah roadside repair service to take care of this problem.

And while we’ve advised against making car repairs on your own when you’ve had a breakdown, it can’t hurt to have some tools with you, along with things like antifreeze, oil and a scraper and shovel for wintry weather.

7 – Flares

We can’t choose where we have to pull over if our car breaks down. We might be able to pull into a well-lit parking lot in a busy suburb, but we could just as easily end up on a winding, narrow-shouldered country road.

That’s why it’s important to let other drivers see you. You should always put your emergency blinkers on, but setting up some flares will go a long way to keeping you and other drivers safe.

8 – Jumper cables

Just like a spare tire, jumper cables are a must-have for your car in case your battery dies. Attach them to the positive and negative battery terminals of another car and you’ll be back on the road.

This is a situation where calling a Shenandoah roadside repair service can help, as we can’t always count on someone to pull over and help.

Shenandoah Roadside Repair Service

An unexpected breakdown can leave us feeling scared and alone, but Shenandoah Towing and Recovery is here to help.

We’ve cultivated a reputation for quick and reliable service, whether you need light towing, vehicle recovery or roadside repair service, with a fleet driven by professional, CDL-certified staff. Contact us today to learn more about our services.



How Can I Choose a Towing and Recovery Company?

woman sitting roadside next to broken down car waiting for towing company

How do you choose the right towing and recovery company? No one gets through life with a completely uneventful driving record.

Even if we never get pulled over for speeding or ticketed for parking at an expired meter, chances are we’ll find ourselves behind the wheel of a vehicle that breaks down.

And when that happens, we’ll need to find a reliable service to provide towing and recovery. Shenandoah County residents, ask yourself these questions when searching for a new towing service.

1 – Do they do what I need them to do?

Not every towing company is the same. Some focus solely on recovering and transporting vehicles, while others can provide roadside assistance. As you examine different Shenandoah County towing and recovering companies, check their list of services to make sure they’ll do what you need them to do.

2 – Do they go where I need them to go?

Make sure the towing company you’re interested in has a service area that overlaps with the area where you live/work/do most of your driving.

3 – What will the towing and recovery company charge?

Towing companies should be able to give you an estimate of what it would cost to tow your vehicle to a repair shop — theirs or another mechanic — compared to towing your vehicle back home.

Expecting rock-bottom prices AND great service in one package might be too good to be true, so look for a towing company that meets your budget and has a reputation for good service. And that brings us to the next question…

4 – What do other people say about them?

Nearly every business these days has online reviews. Find out what past customers had to say about the towing companies you’re considering. Take the time to read the reviews to look for specific details that explain how the company came through for their customers (or left them in a lurch).

Shenandoah County Towing and Recovery Company

The idea of getting stuck somewhere without a working car can be scary. Fortunately, Shenandoah Towing & Recovery is ready to assist motorists in the Shenandoah County area 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

From sedans to compacts to SUVs to motorcycles, our towing and recovery company offers short and long towing for personal and business vehicles.

Some of our services include:

  • Light and medium towing
  • Winch out (retrieving vehicles and equipment that are stuck)
  • Pick and drops
  • Automobile and truck roll-overs
  • Automobile and truck stabilization
  • Broken down vehicles
  • Light and medium duty roadside repair
  • Water recovery for cars, trucks and equipment
  • Off-road recovery

Do you have further questions about towing and recovery? Shenandoah Towing is ready to answer. Contact us today to learn more about our services.

DIY Towing and Why You Shouldn’t Attempt It

car being towed tow truck

Repairing your own leaky faucet, learning to change your own oil, doing your own taxes. These are all things we are encouraged to learn if we want to save money on basic services. There’s certainly a DIY spirit to all of these things and we would even recommend you to learn them for the sake of it. Many people get the idea that they can translate this DIY spirit to towing vehicles. After all, many people own trucks that have powerful engines that are designed to tow whatever you’ve hitched. Of those things hitched that Ford, Chevy, or Dodge designed for, we can tell you that cars were not one of them!

DIY Towing is Risky and Can Damage Your Other Vehicle

Towing is a service unto itself. There are many different vehicles of different sizes, dimensions, weight, etc. Having the proper equipment to tow all of these different vehicles is part of what makes a Towing and Recovery company like Shenandoah worth their salt. We provide specialized services to help people recover their vehicles from sometimes hard to reach spots. One of the ways that this is facilitated is through using special connectors if required.

If all that was needed was some rope and hitching, then towing companies would not be as in demand as they are. The fact of the matter is, DIY towing is not something people should attempt because it can cause extensive damage to one or both vehicles. I think we’ve all seen a few funny videos online where the entire front or rear bumper gets ripped off when someone attempts to tow something. You probably would not have the same reaction when if it were to happen to you! We also would not want that to happen to you.

Fear of Mishandled Property Makes People Hesitant to Tow

It is strange, some folk would rather attempt to tow their own vehicle and potentially damage both vehicles rather than letting a professional towing company do it. In other words, many people believe that the towing process is sloppy or that precautions are not taken to prevent your vehicle from being dinked, scratched, or otherwise damaged in some way during the recovery process.

A tow company is completely specialized in getting your vehicle to a shop or other location safely and unharmed, so this fear is unfounded. The risk for damage to your vehicle is much, much higher when attempting DIY towing.

Driving While Towing is Completely Different

The requirements vary per state, but driving with a load requires different licensure to establish that you are a qualified and safe driver who is trained in driving with heavy loads. While most cases of a truck towing another small vehicle can fall under regular use of your standard driver’s license, the fact of the matter is that as the load size increases, so too does required certifications.

While you won’t be towing huge loads, it still doesn’t change the fact that driving with a load is completely different than unencumbered. You have to account for less acceleration, greater braking times, and being aware of the extra vehicle length and sway that accompanies towing. Many people are not well-practiced in this and it is a road and safety hazard to attempt it without practice.

Towing and Recovery Shenandoah County

Professional towers know how to hitch a load safely and with little risk of damage, then transport that load safely with a tow truck that is specialized for hitching heavy loads. Most importantly, all of our drivers are highly qualified and have years of experience on the road.

Shenandoah Towing and Recovery was founded on hard work, faith, and a desire to help our fellow neighbors. Contact us today if you have any questions about our many services.

Driving Tips for Bad Weather

rain on windshield driving tips

Do you need driving tips for bad weather? Being in the towing business, we are offered an in-depth look at how most stalls, accidents, and other unfortunate road situations come to be. There are some basic tips and suggestions that can be put into practice to avoid many of these things from coming to be. While Shenandoah Towing is always here for our community, our foremost concern is that we do our part in reminding people to stay safe out on the road. It is always a tragedy when bad weather or poor driving habits result in injury or, god forbid, mortality.

Driving Tips for Bad Weather

Rain, snow, hail, besides being annoying obstacles in getting from point A to B, these common environmental conditions are the cause of many accidents on the road. The advice that eludes all of us is always “common sense”, these tips are something everyone could always keep in mind to have greater road awareness and safety. Here are your driving tips for bad weather.

1 – Evaluate the Safety of Your Vehicle

Routine maintenance is like going to the doctor, nobody likes doing it but frequent visits can save you a lot of money—or even save your life in the long run. The most important, for this example of bad weather driving, is making sure your tires are good, that they still have adequate tread to grip the road. Getting tires rotated every few months can help your car keep an even keel and grip on the road, as well as extend the usability of all 4 tires for longer.

2 – Don’t Rush When Driving in Bad Weather

We never recommend driving frantically at any time, but especially a bad decision in poor weather. Visibility is worse when it is raining, causing you to flat out miss vehicles on the road. You can’t count on everyone turning their lights on as they should, so driving defensively is always the superior option.

We lead busy lives and many people get caught up in the hustle and bustle. If it is raining and you have to get somewhere, just accept that it will delay you. Your safety is much more important than arriving a few minutes earlier to your destination, no matter how important.

3 – Keep Adequate Space Between All Vehicles

Rain causes everything to be delayed. During highway driving, just a second or two is the difference between safety and impact. Keeping extra space in front of you can give you the extra braking time you may need if the person ahead suddenly brakes. Vehicles in heavy rain or snow may drift from hydroplaning or skidding on ice, or simply from a loss of visibility. Putting distance to keep yourself safe from this swaying is critical.

4 – Don’t Be Afraid to Pull Over When Driving in Bad Weather

If the weather is too bad and there is poor visibility or you have concerns about traction, it might be best to pull over and reassess the situation. This is especially important when it is raining so hard that you can hardly see in front of you. Rain is very unpredictable, and it might be worth pulling over for 10 minutes or so to see if it lets up or to get your bearings.

Shenandoah County Recovery Towing

At Shenandoah Towing in Shenandoah County we provide a range of towing and recovery services such as light and medium-duty towing, heavy-duty towing, equipment hauling, roadside repair, transport services, and more.

Contact us today if you have any questions about our rates or service options. We’d love to help in any way that we can.

What to Do When Your Car Breaks Down

car breakdown on shoulder

What to Do When Your Car Breaks Down?! No matter where you live so long as there are roads to drive your vehicle on there will be breakdowns. No one wants to be in a situation where your car has quit out on your in the middle of your commute. Whether you’re on your way to or from work, running an errand, or going to an event, a breakdown can happen at any time.

Modern cars have truly come a long way since even 15 years ago, most brands sport reliable sedans that can comfortably get you from A to B and back without a hitch. As a result, more and more adults aren’t used to dealing with car troubles as prior generations may have been. This article is aimed at supplying a few simple guidelines for what to do when your car breaks down.

1 – Turn on Hazard Lights and Get the Vehicle Off of The Road ASAP

This may seem like a no-brainer, but many new or young drivers freeze in panic and are unsure of what to do. No one talks about it, but it’s a strange experience to step outside of the car after your vehicle has stopped on a major road. You’re used to whizzing by these roads from one perspective, but now you’re on foot as other cars zip by you.

However, understand that if it can be helped, getting the car off of the road is best for your safety and the safety of other drivers. The obvious exception would be if you have stalled out in the middle of a busy highway or other thoroughfare and have no means to help push the car such as another passenger.

2 – When Your Car Breaks Down, Call a Trustworthy Towing Company

Who would that be? Well, of course, it’s yours truly, Shenandoah Towing! If you are ever experiencing car troubles and are in need of towing services in the following towns/counties in Virginia on our services page, we are more than happy to get the job done.

A towing company is not just someone you call to bring a truck over and haul your dead vehicle away. A good towing company can ease your concerns by keeping you informed every step of the way.

3 – Do Not Try and Fix Your Issue When Your Car Breaks Down

If you are a mechanic then disregard this point. However, for most people trying to solve the problem on the road is not a good course of action. If you are on the highway, it is especially not wise to pop the hood and focus on the car when there is high-speed traffic coming by. You should always focus on your safety first. In the vast majority of cases, the issue that caused the break down is not solvable without diagnosing and servicing at a garage.

Towing and Recovery Shenandoah County VA

There’s no worse feeling than being stuck on the road and waiting for help. Shenandoah Towing and Recovery has made a name for ourselves through our speedy response and dependable service. Whether you require light towing, vehicle recovery, or heavy-duty equipment hauling and towing, Shenandoah Towing can do it all.

Our constantly expanding fleet consists of plenty of vehicles that are driven by our professional staff who are CDL certified. It is for these reasons that when an accident happens or a person is stranded after their car breaks down, we are often one of the first to get the call—and we’re also the first on-site.

Contact us if you have any questions or concerns about our many services. Give us a ring at 540-481-0658, we’re open 24/7!