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Semi Truck Towing Services & Roadside Assistance in Berryville & Shenandoah County, VA

There’s nothing worse than hauling 80,000 pounds of cargo only to have your rig breakdown on the ice, or in the snow, or your tires blew out. The 5 most common problems rigs face while on the road can be:

  • Brake System Trouble.
  • Exterior/Interior Structure Damage.
  • Lighting/Electrical System Issues.
  • Suspension Failure.
  • Tire Problems.

No matter what kind of truck driver you are we can help you. We have helped Dry Van Truckers, Flatbed truckers, tanker truckers, heavy haulers, long haulers, and even refrigerated freight haulers carrying thousands of pounds of cargo at a time. No matter the problem, and no matter the weight our semi truck towing services, we offer roadside assistance for semi trucks for the past 30 years in Berryville, VA.

Tractor Trailer Roadside Assistance

If your a trucker hauling a heavy load in Shenandoah in the icy winter then you understand the need to have a local tractor trailer roadside assistance company on your site. Shenandoah Towing is the #1 towing company in Shenandoah that can help you get your rig back on the road with our heavy haul and heavy towing services and our light towing services.

Our Roadside Assistance for Semi Trucks Service Can Rescue You

Shenandoah Towing & Recovery recently towed a 80,000 pounds tractor and trailer with our semi truck towing services.

The tractor and trailer broke down and need assistance.

roadside assistance for semi trucks


This semi truck towing occurred in Berryville Virginia. Please give us a call for any of your Towing and Recovery needs!

Some common questions with semi truck towing you may be thinking:

  • How much do semi trucks tow?

While most semi-trucks in the U.S. haul around 40 tons (80,000 pounds), our new Volvo FH16 heavy duty trucks features a new transmission with crawler gears capable of towing up to 300+ tons. Our team in Shenandoah county can handle large scale towing needs unlike other small scale towing companies in our area. Plus we have a fully booked staff on hand 24/7 to help you get your truck back on the road. In the end thats all that matters, getting you home safely to your family and helping you get back to work. That’s the promise at Shenandoah, which we accomplish one day at a time. We are a family company so working with us means more affordable towing services than any other company that is owned by a corporation.

  • What do semi trucks pull?
Semi trucks pull anything over 26,000 pounds. In every state, 80,000 pounds is the limit for all vehicles. Why is there a limit. Unfortunately, public highways, local roadways, and city and state department of transportation mention that roads have a weight capacity and they dont want the local and state roadways falling apart under the heavy weight of semi trucks. This is important because than it could affect other cars on the road. Also a fully loaded tractor-trailer weighing 80,000 pounds traveling under ideal conditions at a speed of 65 miles per hour will take 525 feet to stop (almost the length of two football fields).

Roadside Assistance for Semi Trucks in Shenandoah County

We service the entire Shenandoah Valley, Woodstock, Strasburg, Front Royal, Winchester, Stephens City.

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