The Dangers of D.I.Y Towing Rigs

Traffic accidents are inevitable in this day and age, and can happen whether we do our best to avoid them or not. While many collisions are minor, it doesn’t take much to make a car unusable, which will then require some heavy lifting. That’s where towing New Market has come in handy, often only a quick call away, these trucks are specially-built to help move damaged vehicles.

Although a tow truck isn’t always the first thing someone thinks of calling, often people will try and start their car after an accident to try and move it. In some cases with just a minor collision, this is fine, but more serious crashes can make it dangerous for both you and other drivers on the road. Beyond this it’s relatively common for people to use their ute or truck as a tow vehicle, which can pose a range of problems to the driver, others on the road, and the vehicle.

As a towing service in New Market VA, we believe it’s important for our customers to know about these dangers and why they should instead call us.

Here is a look at the dangers of trying to drive a damaged vehicle or towing with a D.I.Y towing rig.

Before Driving Away After an Accident – Towing New Market VA

Once you’ve shared relevant insurance information after an accident, it may be time to get back in your vehicle and drive away. Before you do so, you may want to check the following parts are still functioning so you know its safe:


  • Headlights, tail lights, brake lights, and turn signals – these need to be in working condition to drive legally
  • Mirrors – legally you need two functioning mirrors to drive, while the rear-view may not be damaged if you’ve lost both side mirrors you shouldn’t drive
  • Leaking fluids – if your vehicle is leaking fluids driving it may pose certain risks. If it’s leaking coolant you risk overheating, if it’s leaking fuel you risk a fire.
  • Bent or broken wheels – you should thoroughly inspect your wheels and axles for any signs of damage, and if it feels wrong, don’t drive
  • Hood won’t latch – front on collisions will usually affect the hood latch which can then threaten to swing up and impair your vision while driving
  • Broken glass – this will take some common sense, as a broken side window may not impair your ability to drive but any cracks in the windscreen will

It’s important to be able to use your judgment when assessing your vehicle after a crash to determine how serious it is. One great indication is any injuries you may have received, the more severe they are the more damaged your car is likely to be.

Dangers of DIY Towing – Towing New Market VA

If your vehicle is too damaged to drive, but you are keen to get it off the road or to a mechanic, you may wonder about the viability of DIY towing. Many modern utes and trucks are outfitted with winches which insinuate the ability, but do not come with the technology that tow trucks rely on. A common anecdote at our towing service Woodstock VA is having to take a couple of tow trucks out to pull a DIY tow vehicle out of a ditch, where the job could have taken one vehicle we now see 2 or more damaged.

There are a few major concerns when it comes to DIY towing, which we will explore below.


Tow trucks come equipped with all kinds of special equipment which aren’t publicly accessible or efficiently operable without relevant experience. Even with a tow rope and several hitches, most vehicles will struggle to safely move others and can threaten damage to either, or other vehicles on the road. Tow trucks keep vehicles at a safe distance behind them, and connect in more than one way to ensure the vehicle stays with the truck.

Exceed the Maximum Capacity

Vehicles are only equipped to carry so much, and when we exceed the maximum weight our vehicle is expected to carry it begins to create other risks to both vehicles as well as others on the road. If the max capacity is exceeded the towing vehicle may experience external damage where the vehicle is connected, or damage to the transmission or engine.

Working With A Professional Towing New Market VA

If you’ve ever driven with a trailer, then you’ll know that it is vastly different from driving a car alone. A common mistake we have heard about at our towing service Woodstock VA is that the DIY towing vehicle’s driver either under- or over compensated for the weight of the other vehicle. This can lead to fishtailing, and in extreme situations even more accidents and injuries.

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