Modern Safety Features in Cars

Since their invention, cars have gone through a number of massive changes which have greatly improved their safety. Even such things as seatbelts are relatively new, having only been standard practice since 1964, when automotive safety became a priority. Since then, cars have gained a myriad of features which can help the driver to avoid breaking down, as well as getting into an accident. As a provider of a towing service in Shenandoah County, we’ve seen our fair share of both breakdowns and accidents, and are familiar with those features which can help. Although unless you’re a fan of cars, many of these features may seem a bit complex, given their misleading names. By understanding the relevance of each feature, you’ll be able to confidently seek out a car which is not only safe, but will hopefully stop you from ever needing to contact us about our towing service in Woodstock VA.

Here is an overview of the modern features in cars which help to improve their safety.

Airbags Can Prevent Towing

Like seatbelts, airbags were around for some time before they became commonplace in every car. In fact, it wasn’t until the 1990s, almost 40 years after they were invented, that driver airbags became a standard feature in low-end cars. Shortly after that in 1998 airbags became mandatory in all cars.

Nowadays cars are outfitted with a range of airbags to ensure the safety of the driver and all passengers should the car face any impact. You should find a car with:

  • Driver airbag installed in the steering wheel, with thorax protection if desired
  • Passenger airbag on top of the glove compartment, or in the upper right of the dash
  • Side curtain airbags installed in the top of the door rails
  • Center airbags installed on the inboard side of the driver’s seat

On top of these, you may also seek out knee-bolster airbags, seatbelt airbags, and pedestrian airbag modules. The safety of airbags has increased greatly, and they can save you and your passengers from death or serious injury.

Anti-Locking Braking Systems (ABS)

To the novice, brakes locking up may sound like enough to stop a car, although that’s exactly the problem. When brakes lock up in a car, the car may carry on its momentum and slide into more objects. ABS has stopped this by providing steering control while the car is braking on wet and slippery surfaces, allowing you to point the car to safety. This system can be expected in almost every new car, but be sure to ask whether any cars you’re considering have it.

Crumple Zones

Prior to crumple zones in cars, in the event of a crash, the momentum would transfer to those within the vehicle, leading to devastating results. Crumple zones are essentially parts of the car that would absorb some of the impact should you crash/be crashed into. This is achieved by identifying the weaker parts outside of the vehicle, and strengthening the inside. What this often means is that the front or rear end of the car will be crushed, rather than transferring the momentum to those inside.

Electronic Stability Control (ESC) / Electronic Stability Program (ESP)

While many of us are familiar with the anagram of ESC as the “Escape” function on our computer, and the acronym of ESP being related to telekinesis, these features are imperative in the modern car. Electronic stability is a car safety feature which detects loss of traction to a car’s tires, and can also apply to the brakes to prevent skidding and aid the driver steer in a controlled manner. It first came about in 1983, and only took 7 years to become standard throughout the industry, saving countless lives.

Rear-Facing Cameras

While not so helpful during a breakdown or car crash, rear-facing cameras are an invaluable tool to those who have children and pets. They allow the driver to see exactly what is behind and seemingly beneath the back of the car. The first one goes back to a Buick in 1956, and although they’ve been around for some time, they still aren’t as common as they should be. These are a must-buy for parents and pet owners, and have undoubtedly saved families from immeasurable heartbreak.

Towing Service Shenandoah County

Having all the safety features in the world may not save you from the Fates which can throw anything at us at any time. As a provider of a towing service Woodstock VA, we are well aware of this, and are ready to help you during a breakdown or accident. Be sure to write our number down and put it with your insurance information.

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