8 Emergency Items to Keep in Your Car

What emergency items should you keep in your car? There are some things most drivers tend to keep in our cars, like the owner’s manual or insurance cards.

Items to Keep in Your Car in the Event of a Car Emergency

But what if an emergency happens? Will you be prepared? Even if you have the number for a Shenandoah roadside repair at the ready, there are still a few emergency items to keep in your car.

1 – A first aid kit

A good first aid kit should include several different sizes of band-aids, gauze, antibiotic cream, cotton swabs, allergy medication, hand sanitizer and over-the-counter pain meds. You may also want to include a thermometer, any medication you and your loved ones need, a heating pad and battery-powered radio.

A pair of disposable gloves might also be a good idea, in case you need to treat someone else’s injury.

2 – A flashlight

In a pinch, your cellphone can work as a light source — it may even have its own flashlight. But it’s a good idea to preserve your battery during emergencies.

That’s why you should keep a heavy-duty, waterproof flashlight — and extra-batteries — in the car to light your way during nighttime emergencies.

3 – Water

It could be a jug in the trunk or a case of plastic bottles from the supermarket. Either way, it’s a good idea to keep water in your car. Not only will it prevent dehydration, you can use water for cleaning or to add water to an overheated radiator.

4 – Snacks

Having snacks in your car can keep your stomach from growing as you wait for your Shenandoah roadside repair driver to show up.

But it’s also important to stay nourished in an emergency. Go with food that will keep without refrigeration, such as nuts, granola bars or dried fruit.

5 – Keeping warm

Having warm clothing and blankets in your car can be a literal lifesaver if you’re stranded during cold weather without a functioning heater. It can be one of the most important emergency items to keep in your car. If you live in a place with really cold winters, having a fleece blanket in your car can be invaluable.

6 – A spare tire

Every driver should have a spare tire, and the tools — a jack, wrench or tire iron — to fix it. But if you’ve never changed a tire before and feel uncertain, there’s no shame in calling your local Shenandoah roadside repair service to take care of this problem.

And while we’ve advised against making car repairs on your own when you’ve had a breakdown, it can’t hurt to have some tools with you, along with things like antifreeze, oil and a scraper and shovel for wintry weather.

7 – Flares

We can’t choose where we have to pull over if our car breaks down. We might be able to pull into a well-lit parking lot in a busy suburb, but we could just as easily end up on a winding, narrow-shouldered country road.

That’s why it’s important to let other drivers see you. You should always put your emergency blinkers on, but setting up some flares will go a long way to keeping you and other drivers safe.

8 – Jumper cables

Just like a spare tire, jumper cables are a must-have for your car in case your battery dies. Attach them to the positive and negative battery terminals of another car and you’ll be back on the road.

This is a situation where calling a Shenandoah roadside repair service can help, as we can’t always count on someone to pull over and help.

Car Emergency? Call Shenandoah Roadside Towing & Assistance

An unexpected breakdown can leave us feeling scared and alone, but Shenandoah Towing and Recovery is here to help.

We’ve cultivated a reputation for quick and reliable service, whether you need light towing, vehicle recovery or roadside repair service, with a fleet driven by professional, CDL-certified staff. Contact us today to learn more about our services.



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