How Can I Choose a Towing and Recovery Company?

How do you choose the right towing company near me? No one gets through life with a completely uneventful driving record, and accidents are always happening on the road.

Even if we never get pulled over for speeding or ticketed for parking at an expired meter, chances are we’ll find ourselves behind the wheel of a vehicle that breaks down.

And when that happens, we’ll need to find a reliable service to provide towing and recovery.

Shenandoah County residents, ask yourself these questions when searching for a new towing service.

1 – Do they do what I need them to do?

Not every towing company is the same. Some focus solely on recovering and transporting vehicles, while others can provide roadside assistance. As you examine different Shenandoah County towing and recovering companies, check their list of services to make sure they’ll do what you need them to do.

2 – Do they go where I need them to go?

Make sure the towing company you’re interested in has a service area that overlaps with the area where you live/work/do most of your driving.

3 – What will the towing and recovery company charge?

Towing companies should be able to give you an estimate of what it would cost to tow your vehicle to a repair shop — theirs or another mechanic — compared to towing your vehicle back home.

Expecting rock-bottom prices AND great service in one package might be too good to be true, so look for a towing company that meets your budget and has a reputation for good service. And that brings us to the next question…

4 – What do other people say about them?

Nearly every business these days has online reviews. Find out what past customers had to say about the towing companies you’re considering. Take the time to read the reviews to look for specific details that explain how the company came through for their customers (or left them in a lurch).

Shenandoah County Towing Company Near Me

The idea of getting stuck somewhere without a working car can be scary. Fortunately, Shenandoah Towing & Recovery is ready to assist motorists in the Shenandoah County area 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

From sedans to compacts to SUVs to motorcycles, our towing and recovery company offers short and long towing for personal and business vehicles.

Some of our towing services include:

  • Light and medium towing
  • Winch out (retrieving vehicles and equipment that are stuck)
  • Pick and drops
  • Automobile and truck roll-overs
  • Automobile and truck stabilization
  • Broken down vehicles
  • Light and medium duty roadside repair
  • Water recovery for cars, trucks and equipment
  • Off-road recovery

Do you have further questions about towing and recovery? Shenandoah Towing is ready to answer. Contact us today to learn more about our services.

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